What are the best pregnancy Apps

First-time moms, listen up! The sudden realization that you are about to have a little one, changes everything. There is so much to keep track of like: scheduling visit to the doctor, tracking your baby’s growth and much more.

So, to help you out of this, the top pregnancy apps are selected and mentioned below for you; which can be of a little help to you, through this journey.


You can start your countdown with such a customizable app. Just enter your child’s name, gender, due date, pregnancy goals, and helpful info and you will be updated frequently every day, as there is progress in your pregnancy. You can scroll through thousands of pregnancy articles and blogs, track your health as well as get the chance to be connected to other expecting mothers. This app shows visuals of your cute little baby’s growing hand and foot size.

Glow Nurture:

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This app is designed for simplicity and is entirely customizable. Enter your data and get alerts and updates accordingly. You can browse through numerous pregnancy articles as well as the symptoms tracker that is helpful. Development of your fetus is updated every now and then. The best part is that this app also provides postpartum and miscarriage support.

Baby Names:

If you are struggling to find a beautiful and unique name for your bundle of joy, then Baby Names is the right app for you. You can go through more than 30,000 names and learn the meanings, pronunciation, origin, and popularity of those names. There are plenty of different options to add and share the names you know about and rate the displayed names.


A great 3D experience that is very useful while watching simulations of the life-like baby movements, heartbeat, and kicking inside the growing belly. You will easily get regular updates about the changes in your body, handy tools like a weight tracker, kick counter of your little one, and much more.

The Bump:

This is what any expecting parent could desire and get. In addition to 3D visuals of your newborn’s development, this beautiful interface comes with an inbuilt tool called Planner+ that prepares mothers for upcoming doctor visits. Along with daily pregnancy and baby articles, this super user-friendly app gives you access to have real-time answers to all the queries you have.

I’m Expecting Pregnancy app:

Along with the daily alerts about the baby’s growth, you can easily access articles, videos on pregnancy, and guide on how to get relief from the symptoms of pregnancy. This beautiful app keeps records of baby bump pictures and your weight.