How to be a Better Husband

Marriage isn’t easy, it’s a mess. We generally hear fairy tales ending up with “They lived Happily Ever After.” In reality, it is nothing like that. Being a husband is a full-time job. Living together with one person for your whole life isn’t as easy as you think. Plus add kids, mortgage, financial issues and what not, yes it’s a mess.

And when it gets difficult, people try to find a replacement. Instead of doing so, you should work on the things you can do to make the marriage better. You got to be committed, not lie and fulfill the responsibilities and also share it with your wife.

So if you love your wife and have a desire to live a happy married life, follow the below-mentioned tips and be a better husband your wife is looking for in you. 

It’s all about Communication:

A healthy relationship is built on the basis of a very important factor: open and honest communication; as a result of which trust growth is also observed. Improper communication can turn simple misunderstandings into a huge fight. Stop arguing and express yourself on a regular basis in order to strengthen your relationship.

Do not bottle up issues inside yourself and grow resentful. Instead of this, discuss the issues with your partner.

Knowing how to talk is not the only important factor while communicating with your wife; you should listen to her, give her your full attention, maintain proper eye contact and keep asking her questions so that she knows that you are all ears.

Be willing to compromise:

It always takes efforts of both the partners to build and maintain a healthy relationship. While you are married, you will encounter some situations where you will have to give up on a few things so that your partner is happy and at peace and vice-versa. Reciprocation in these circumstances is a must otherwise it will result in resentment.

Take out some “Me Time”:

It is always advised to take out some time out from a day and spend it alone so that you can analyze yourself and there is nothing wrong about it. All you need to do is to make it clear to your wife that it is not about her so, she should not take it personally.

Point to Remember: Never ever lie to her in need of space. Just tell her the truth and she will definitely understand that you need some time alone or need a guys time.

Be her helping hand:

According to various studies, it’s proven that women tend to spend more hours on household work than men. You can keep a balance and give her a hand in daily housework like vacuuming, cleaning dishes, cleaning the house, and more. You can also be of help by taking and dropping kids and helping them in their homework at times when your wife isn’t in a condition to do so.

Point to Remember: You share the obligation of cleaning the house with your wife. So just don’t wait for her to call you for help, better run and do some work and make her happy.

Do not put all on her:

Your tight schedule doesn’t allow you to give an excuse of not being able to contribute in daily chores. If you can’t do much, you should at least take care of the mess you create so that it doesn’t bother and burden her.

You can put your dirty clothes in the laundry basket; clean your dishes and so on. If the week has consumed you, devoting a good amount of time on the weekend can be a good option.

Small gestures can turn it around:

It is proven from various studies that the couples who maintain physical contact remain happy in the long run. Touching each other release a chemical called oxytocin that is a known chemical to reduce stress and increase intimacy.

You can show love in different forms like:

Kiss her goodbye when you are going away for the time being and hugging her when you come back to her.

Laugh Together:

Marriage is a roller-coaster which is full of ups and downs and humor is a remedy for stress. When we keep them together, life seems a bit easy. You don’t need to be great at it but putting a smile on her face when she doesn’t want to smile is a win-win situation.

In order to befriend laughter for a happy life, you can choose numerous ways like:

Booking tickets for a comedy show, organizing a get-together or playing some sort of sports.

Laughing together is helpful as it reduces stress, blood pressure whereas increases blood flow to the brain; all this leading to a happy person and happy married life.

Surprise her:

People tend to stop doing the things which they did before getting married, which is wrong. The only way to keep you and your spouse happy is to make each other feel special throughout your life. You can take her to dinner, get her some beautiful dress, book movie tickets, take a day off and fly over to some place to explore it with her, get her a bouquet of flowers, and walk on the beach. Keep telling her through numerous ways (leave a note in her bag or some message on the answering machine) how much you love her and it will definitely win her over each time you put efforts.